Selling Ideas

We're all trying to sell something, even if it's just our ideas. If we weren't, social media wouldn't exist and neither would the blog, the book or the portfolio.

This is why it helps when photographers learn to write and writers learn to photograph. And all of us are helped by learning to publish.

When's the last time you read a marketing book to improve your art? When's the last time you thought about how to best publish your work to sell your ideas?

Drawing a Blank

Business cards are one-size-fits-all affairs, revealing the same information for total strangers and your best customers. Pre-packaged, pre-designed and pre-determined. What a waste of an opportunity to connect.

I’m talking about blank business cards.

Marketers often talk about the greater impact of hand-written materials when compared to printed materials, yet every marketer I’ve ever met uses highly polished materials to project some kind of professionalism. But is that how you measure professionalism? I measure professionalism by what you’ve done up to now, not what you’ve spent on designers and printers. 

Do yourself a favor and buy some great blank business card paper stock and keep a pen handy. When you meet someone, make them feel a little special by taking the time to write out exactly what they need to know. It’s unique. It stands out. It’s powerful.

Of course, offering a solution that isn’t about throwing money at a problem may not ever be popular, but doesn’t that make the solution all the more unique?