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CJ Chilvers

If you’re reading this, I’m probably not doing my job. I want you to read less of this kind of thing and create stuff that makes you happy. I’m CJ. I make honest and useful books and essays at the intersection of creativity and sanity — an oasis in the creator economy.

I deliver by blog, email, RSS, and your choice of social media.

Recent Posts

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What’s with the hostility towards personal publishing?

It's about money, of course. Google may have a problem with us. A few weeks ago, Google had a big leak. While details are still lacking, it seems like there’s a bias against personal sites when it comes to search results. From Mike King: “Google may be

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Embrace the carnage.

The web is back. Or, is it on its back? Google and OpenAI have been racing to see who can replace the web for you. Google isn’t even hiding it anymore. From Platformer via Daring Fireball: “This new approach is captured elegantly in a slogan that appeared several times

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Notes on The Newsletter Conference 2024

I went to The Newsletter Conference last week in New York City. Some have posted notes from the event and Dan Oshinsky has even posted the text of his keynote. The first thing I learned was that Dan has been crowned “The Oprah of Newsletters.” I endorse. As one of