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CJ Chilvers

If you’re reading this, I’m probably not doing my job. I want you to read less of this kind of thing and create stuff that makes you happy. I’m CJ. I make honest and useful books and essays at the intersection of creativity and sanity — an oasis in the creator economy.

I deliver by blog, email, RSS, and your choice of social media.

Recent Posts

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How to Stay Creative Forever

How do writers stay in shape? They usually don’t. But writers (and all creators) do have to keep their minds in shape over the decades if they hope to maintain that career or hobby. The mind gym It’s now been 36 years since I started publishing and I

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The Future of AI, Newsletters, and Your Garden

Let’s start off 2023 with some fun, get into some data, and play with ideas for how to ship more in the year to come. 1 What would it look like if creation was joyful and sane? From my swipe file of dream workspaces, this just series of tiny,

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4 big questions for email marketing in 2023

I posted last week about the predictions from Litmus (based in part on research from earlier in the year). It just re-affirmed what we’ve know for over a year about the future of email as a publishing and marketing platform. It’s a great future for readers and customers,