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CJ Chilvers

If you’re reading this, I’m probably not doing my job. I want you to read less of this kind of thing and create stuff that makes you happy. I’m CJ. I make honest and useful books and essays at the intersection of creativity and sanity — an oasis in the creator economy.

I deliver by blog, email, RSS, and your choice of social media.

Recent Posts

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Consistency is simpler than you think.

Why does mediocre writing and photography often get more attention than best of the best? Why do mediocre “coaches” get more attention than industry veterans with decades of advice summed up in a single book, video, or blog post? What are we missing here? The hardest problem to solve in

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Are you useful?

I preach about the miracle of constraints and their ability to boost creativity in anyone. But I see un-useful constraints being used all the time by creators, so I wanted to make a small list of examples to clarify what a useful constraint looks like. There’s only two real

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The C Word

“Curation” shouldn’t be a dirty word, but it is. In the last decade, it has come to mean slapped-together-links, or outright-stolen content, used to fill space and capture just enough attention to convert free onlookers into consumers. There’s a lot of truth behind that association. In fact, I’