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What subscribers are saying...

“CJ brings a refreshing honesty to the subject that applies to more than just photography. It’s been one of my favorites for a long time.” — Patrick Rhone

“One of my favorites — definitely sign up.” — Jason Rodriguez, author of Professional Email Design and Modern HTML Email

“His newsletter always brings a little bits of truth to photography. You won’t find gear recommendations or reviews. You won’t find out the best ways to shoot things. There are plenty of people doing that. CJ provides a deeper look at photography. He’s a breath of fresh air in the world of photography.” — Carl T. Holscher

“Coming from a person who generally doesn’t subscribe for these type of things, I received the first issue in my inbox yesterday and I can’t encourage you enough to sign up now.” — Jorge Quinteros

“The depth that C.J. packs into the simplest of concepts boggles the mind. I can’t say in pages what he manages to accomplish in a sentence. In addition to being one of my favorite verbal sparring partners (I love arguing with people who are smarter than I am), I’m continually in awe of what the man makes.” — Michael Schechter