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Are You a Good Photographer?

The second most frequently asked question I get is something along the lines of “can you give me your honest opinion of my work?” followed by a link to a portfolio. I usually tell the person that my opinion doesn’t mean anything. I know the majority of my readers

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The More People Who Say They Hate Your Work Or

> “The more people who say they hate your work (or call your work overrated), the more successful you are.” — Eric Kim []

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How to be Critiqued

Over the past two years, many photographers have written to me asking for a critique of their work. Flickr groups abound for crowd-sourced critiques. Magazines run regular features for reader critiques. Some pros even charge for their critiquing services. It’s only natural to want to know what other think

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Everyone with a camera thinks they're a photographer

Right?! Well, what if they are? What if how you measure skill and success in photography is of no importance to the majority of photographers, or viewers for that matter? What if it has nothing to do with money earned, equipment used or the set of rules we’ve all

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"The Ongoing Sabotage of Art"

An interesting opinion piece from photographer Kirk Tuck [] (via Marco Dughera): > “What I’m arguing for is the idea that, before inflicting on our shared culture, another meaningless rectangle of bouncy color and vacuous content that we all have a responsibility