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Stop Making Photos for Photographers

The majority of photos I see every day (on Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, blogs, you name it) are made to impress other photographers. Perfect composition! How did you do that with an iPhone?! That ISO range is INSANE! How boring we must seem to everyone else. You have a gift.

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Stare at Your Phone More

A few weeks ago I was at a family party. I’d been wrangling a 3-year old all day and I was exhausted. As he went into a room full of other kids, I took a seat for the first time in hours. Knowing I had about 5 minutes left

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The Wall Street Journal Doesn't Get Photography Yet

New gear doesn’t create “better photos.” A better subject, a new way of looking at a story - this is the stuff of better photos. I usually ignore articles like this because I see it so often, in so many publications. But it needs to be addressed when it