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Your Biggest Advantage as an Amateur

For a professional photographer, the photograph is a product. For an amateur photographer, the photograph is a byproduct of a life well lived.

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It's Never Been Easier

I replaced the word “writer” with the word “photographer” below, because it really applies to both (or any modern creative profession). This perfectly describes the era we’re living in: > “It’s never been easier to be a [photographer]; and it’s never been harder to be a professional

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The Pros Do Not Own Photography

But you’d never knew based on the debates they have. This is an actual question appearing on the Society of Publication Designer's website [], from an interview with David Strettell, and highlighted on the popular A Photo Editor blog [http:

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Advice on Turning Pro

Or, better put, why to think twice about turning pro. This is a painting by John Baldessari made between 1966-1968, informing artists on what sells (via Signal vs. Noise []).

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Why Pros Like Lesser Photography

Going amateur is better for your creativity than going pro. However, those photographers who have been pros for a while tend to embrace the philosophy of using smaller, simpler cameras (even camera phones) much quicker than amateurs. How can this be? It’s true. It doesn’t seem to make