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The Music Press Report

The Music Press Report

From 1999 to 2009, I published a music journalism news and editorial site. It became popular and eventually took up so much of my time and energy that I needed to decide if it was worth being the priority in my professional life. In short, it wasn't.

A search went on for an editor to take over the site. Three candidates were scared away by the size of the project and so I decided to shutter the site entirely. Maybe the web just isn't ready to support a fully featured music journalism news site and make it worth an editor's time. Maybe in a few years.

It's ultimately a good thing, as the web needs to shed its skin every once in a while and grow. If you stil have a need for a music journalism fix, however, you can roll your own MPR, by visiting the following sites:

Sources for Music Journalism and Photojournalism News:

ArtsJournal Music
Good for the occasional classical and jazz press news

Good for big announcements (books, etc.)

Day in Rock
Often features news on rock publishing items

The Guardian
Besides the occasional item, they have a monthly column on UK music magazines

Mr. Magazine
Keeps track of magazine starts and closings

Poynter Online
Lots of hidden gems here, a site that collects journalism news in general
Always a source of great original articles on rock critics

State of the Art
Features a music photo link or two on rare occasions

NME News
Sometimes features a music press news item that Billboard misses

Good source of links the traditional press misses

The Idolator
Sometimes features gossip on what's happening at music magazines

I Want Media
Great place for media industry news

Barbara Flaska
Great writer with a finger on the pulse of the music press community

Mailing Lists:

The Music Writer's List and The Music Photographer's List

Sources for Job Listings:

Mediabistro Careers

Emap Jobs

Future Publishing Jobs

Media Job Market

I Want Media Jobs

MTV Jobs

Time Warner Jobs

Village Voice Media Jobs

Contest Listings:

Art Deadlines List Contest

Pop Photo Contests