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Do Artists Need Websites?

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

No, by all means, rely on VC-backed, advertiser-controlled social networks and third party services to deliver your voice for you.

Rely on people you don't know, compelled by motives contrary to your own, to serve ads to your viewers and snoop on their meta data. Be sure to instill that lack of respect from the start, so the reader can ignore you completely in the future. Who needs the pressure of a solid reputation?

Please let someone sitting in a cubicle far away, who can choose to reformat your story and presentation as they see fit, represent the message your trying to convey.

Please give up any control over your work for the ease of not needing to spend $5 a month to host it yourself. Pay no attention those who host their own work and broadcast it to any of these channels at any time, retaining full control. That's for suckers with 5 minutes too much time on their hands.

Everyone knows artists should conform at all times to uniform presentations and networks. Hosting and designing an experience for the viewer is for the weirdos who seek to differentiate their work from the pack. What a waste of time and effort. It's almost as if they care.