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30 Practical Tactics to Decrease Your Anxiety (Intro)

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

I am not a doctor. The first step in this journey is to seek medical attention if you suspect that anxiety, depression, or any other disorder is negatively affecting your life. Seriously.

It’s easier than you think and it’s necessary. We’re talking about your health here. There’s nothing more important. Plus, getting an accurate diagnosis means your treatment options can be targeted to exactly what you need. No one but a doctor can do that. See a doctor.

I’m just a guy who’s had 21 years worth of anxiety fixes tried on him by doctors and cognitive behavioral therapists. I’d like to share with you which ones have worked for me over the next 30 days. Thanks for reading! Subscribe by RSS or newsletter to keep up with the latest.

The posts so far:

  1. Try Neurofeedback
  2. Radical Acceptance
  3. Breathe
  4. Meditate
  5. Test Your DNA
  6. Be Alone Without Being Lonely
  7. You Need to Sleep More
  8. My Hero on Halloween
  9. Journal for What’s Now
  10. Create a Morning Pages Habit
  11. Go Outside
  12. Exercise Your Brain
  13. Stop Scheduling Your Anxiety
  14. Have a Drink
  15. Apply Constraints
  16. Collect Your Testimonials
  17. Cut the Stimulants
  18. Laugh
  19. Break Up with Social Media
  20. Put "You" Away for a While
  21. Notifications Can Go Straight to Hell
  22. Quit Your Presidential Campaign
  23. Paint with Light
  24. Add and Remove Automations
  25. Go Camping
  26. Declare Independence
  27. Get Lost in Music
  28. Eliminate Extra Inboxes
  29. Play
  30. Survive