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A Lesser Photographer Second Edition Is Out!

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

The new edition of the A Lesser Photographer book is finally out on Amazon in ebook and paperback formats (more stores and platforms will have it soon).

This edition is all about refining the message of the first edition and producing a book I’ll be proud of 20 years from now. Here’s some of the major changes since the first edition:

  1. Formats: the first edition was only available in PDF format (and a year later in Kindle). This edition will be available all formats, including print, with designs made for optimum readability for each format.
  2. The cover for the second edition ebook was designed by renown minimalist book designer Daniel Benneworth-Gray. The paperback was designed by Liam Relph, whose prior work includes titles from Penguin Random House and HarperCollins. I hope to detail the months-long process of creating these covers in future posts.
  3. Each chapter (or essay) was re-edited for a total of 3 editing rounds by 3 different professional editors. It’s as tight as a book can get.
  4. A few additional chapters and ideas were added. My hope is that they’ll blend in so well no one will even notice what’s new.

In short, a lot of care and money were poured into this edition. Most of it should be invisible to the reader — there’s just fewer obstacles in front of the message.