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An All-Text Photo Site?

Every once in a while, I get email about why I don’t plaster this site with my photos. After the TWiP episode, I got a few more. Here’s the lowdown:

This site first started as a way to document my lesser photography experiment and I published the photos from that experiment frequently (check the archives). But as the site matured, I wanted it to be about ideas and your photos, not a showcase for mine.

I even considered creating a Flickr group for us all, but this didn’t stand up to the philosophy I was preaching. After all, Flickr groups don’t allow for much in the way of storytelling.

So, for now anyway, I think the solution is to call attention to your stories - your blogs. This book is about to come out, singing the praises of the blog and I couldn’t agree more. It’s the best place we’ve devised yet to tell a good story, using a variety of media. Post your links below or send them in for the newsletter. I’d love to see what stories you’re itching to tell.

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