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"Authenticity is the New Bullshit"

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

Hugh MacLeod posts what could be a new book, but is instead a living, evolving blog post about everything he’s learned as a successful artist in the past decade or so:

“15. We are ready for the third age of edu­ca­tion: The Crea­tive Age.”

Amen. This is essentially the idea behind A Lesser Photographer and an indicator of where it needs to go to crack more skulls in the future.

“The way to be crea­tive is to make stuff. You wake up in the mor­ning, have some break­fast, hit the work bench and get on it with it…Whether it ends up being ‘crea­tive’ or not, is deci­ded later. Long after you’ve finished the thing and moved on to something else.”

I love this post. It full of gems you should read and re-read. I’m also really glad he posted this in a blog. It seems to me that no matter what the publication (books, magazines, newspapers, ebooks), if you want it to reach the most people in the friendliest, easiest way, it always comes down to a blog post.