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Break Up with Social Media

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

Did you know that the worst social media app for your mental health is Instagram?

Did you know that Facebook has hired a large group of employees with backgrounds in social psychology and anthropology to advocate for more engagement?

Did you know that Twitter seems to have no idea what’s it’s doing and its number of real, active users is very low?

Did you know that YouTuber is the job U.S. kids most want when they grow up?

I’m in marketing, so I can tell you that if you want to target specific people and bombard them with A/B tested information tailored to their psychological profile, you can do that pretty cheaply and effectively in Facebook (Instagram). That’s where you go if you want results.

They have real experts in psychology working on how to get you to read more ads and like them. That’s exciting to marketers. It should be a warning to consumers.

That’s why I gave up consumption of Facebook and Instagram years ago. I knew that as someone who already had anxiety issues, these platforms would only play to those issues, manipulate me, and make me worse person. I knew how dangerous those platforms were becoming. They’ve only gotten worse since.

Plus, what a waste of time.

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