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Coming in November: 30 Practical Tactics to Decrease Your Anxiety

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
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November is traditionally NaNoWriMo month, when writers try to write a novel in a month. Since I don’t do fiction (not yet anyway), I’m using November for something different and I'm hoping you'll join me.

I’m going to post every day to this blog for the entire month of November on one subject: anxiety. More specifically, I’m going to post 30 practical tactics to decrease your anxiety, one per day. Summaries of these posts will appear in my newsletter.

What brought this on?

A while back I started asking my readers about their needs/problems/concerns. Since most of my readers are in creative professions, I figured the problems would center around creativity. But one problem stuck out: anxiety.

It stuck out because of all the problems they shared, anxiety was the problem stopping them from getting to solutions for the other problems. It was the root issue. They felt overwhelmed all the time.

Anxiety one of the few things I’m an expert in. I’ve had 21 years worth of experiments tried on me.

Some were complete failures, which will not appear on my blog. I’m only posting about the fixes that worked — and by “worked” I mean they provided some relief.

Even if any single technique brings you just 5% or 10% relief, multiplying that by 30 options should really make a difference in your life.

I’ve asked a doctor to participate in some of the ideas I’ll be presenting. I want expertise from both sides of the treatments (the doctor and the ginea pig) to be represented.

What to Expect

Some posts will be very brief, especially if the information available elsewhere eclipses my experiences. But some will be substantial ideas I’ve been working on for years with doctors of several disciplines (and therefore even shorter — well-thought-out ideas tend to work like that).

I really hope this will convince readers to share their stories too. I’ve come up with a list of around 50 practical tactics to choose from, but if you have a great idea, or book recommendation, I might use it to replace one of my suggestions. Please send it in.

Don’t miss a post.

Stay tuned in my newsletter and/or by RSS. See you in November!