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Create a Morning Pages Habit

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

This one is kind of related to journaling, in that it clears your head of recurring thoughts (open loops) that often lead to increased anxiety.

Every morning, set aside some time to start your day by writing in a stream-of-conscience way. No editing. No censoring. Just keep the pen moving (pen and paper tend to work better for this).

Write for 20 minutes or 3 pages (depending on which method you prefer).

People who have been doing this for a while report a flood of ideas they didn’t know was in their head. Remember, this happens in the morning before any emergencies have caught your attention (do it before picking up your phone in the morning). This can be a source of inspiration, or a way of identifying problems that need solving.

It was during these sessions that I discovered that the obstacles to a lot of my goals were mostly imagined. Sometimes it just takes seeing your excuses on paper to realize how flimsy they really are.

It also led to around 200 business ideas. Maybe 2 of those could profitable in reality, but that’s 2 more than I would’ve have otherwise.