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Eric Kim Quits Instagram for Blogging

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

From Eric Kim's blog:

"Why? I realized it was a major distraction in my life. Rather than focusing on what I do to create real value (blogging) I wasted my precious energy on how to optimize my follower count."

Generally, I don't like to announce when I quit doing things or change up my publishing formats anymore. It's not interesting or applicable to most readers. I just do it and move on. But, Eric's post is an exception to this rule, because he's helping people.

It may sound counterintuitive to leave Instagram for blogging, when most photographers have done the opposite, but that's the point. "Different is better than better." Zig when everyone else is zagging.

He's focused on a goal and he's eliminating anything that gets in his way. Instagram was getting in the way of creating (both in terms of time and mental health), so he's eliminating from his life.

Eric posts way too many blog posts everyday for me to keep up with. I couldn't read them all if I wanted to. But 1 out of a 10 resonate with me. And if he publishes 50 posts a week, that's 5 posts every week that reach me in a personal way. That's way more than any photo publication I can think of.

It's no wonder he says he now makes about $200,000.00 from his ideas about photography (most of it coming from workshops). He becomes more influential and valuable with every blog post and he knows it.

Eric invited me a few years ago to dinner with one of his workshop classes. I can attest they were having a great time. I suspect there would be twice as many people this year trying to get into that workshop class.