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Experiment 2: New Newsletter

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

Two days, two new experiments. I moved my newsletter over to my personal site at Squarespace and away from Mailchimp. Yesterday, I sent out my first new issue, which was as easy as posting a new blog post and clicking one more button to send it out to all my email readers.

The added bonus to this approach: I will finally have a newsletter archive, with RSS, all under the roof of my personal site.

The reading experience for this issue was…not great. Honestly, I can do better, and so can Squarespace. I will tinker with the settings and see what can be improved.

I’m tempted more and more every day by Buttondown, which has the best reading experience, but isn’t as integrated or easy-to-use.

I’ve already had some great responses and comments on the new direction, so I’ll keep sharing the changes in the hopes this helps others with their personal publishing projects.