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Experiments Check-In 2

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

I have a few updates since my last 2021 experiments update. I do these mostly for myself, but I figure they may help others on similar journeys.

The Good

  • Readership and follows are still going up across all platforms, but especially the newsletter.
  • Engagement is way up.
  • I’ve gotten way more experience behind the scenes that I hope to bring to the site in the next 6 months.
  • I wrote a massive amount for others, and I’ll be re-purposing some of it for the public soon.

The Bad

  • My mom passed away, leaving so much to be done. In these situations, business is never a priority. I’ve let a lot of things go for a while.
  • Daily writing is actually up for others, but writing in public for my own stuff is way down.
  • I’m really not loving my newsletter service. When a service is built for e-commerce and newsletters, chances are the newsletter part is an afterthought.
  • Books sales have dropped since winter.

What’s Next

  1. Build a better personal newslettering process.
  2. Switch to a better newsletter service.
  3. Try a new newsletter I’ve been sitting on for a while.
  4. Turn my Twitter feed into something more useful to others, rather than just a time sync for my reading (this may turn some people off, but it’s an experiment I’ve wanted to try for a long time).