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Honesty Is Your Competitive Advantage

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

This is the everyone-is-trying-to-teach-you-something era.

The quickest way to make money from this era is to tell people what they want to hear. Package it in as many appealing formats as possible and “launch” it to the masses.

Honesty is a much more long-term proposition. It’s about reputation. It’s about building trust. It’s about sharing more than teaching, which may be a better way of teaching.

It’s rarely neatly packaged and satisfying, because that’s not what the real world is.

I love following artists who speak their minds and blatantly publish in ways Google and “experts" frown upon.

They don’t always know what the truth is, but they know honesty.

They forsake short-term profit, but in return may reap the benefits of loyalty and long-term profit (relationships and money).

If you discover your form of sharing your work with the world is incompatible with the current norms in publishing…good! That’s what we hope for from artists.