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How to Stop Creative Paralysis

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

First, realize that you're probably putting unnecessary expectations on the quality of your creative output.

Yes, you'd show off a better body of work if you only showed your absolute best. But, then, no one would know you and few would care. Sharing your work is all about building relationships, not respect or admiration.

Stop comparing yourself to others. You have a unique take on the world that is not up for debate or criticism.

That incredible photographer on Instagram you follow because you want your work to be just like hers? You have no idea what's behind those photos. That person could be in a bad state mentally or physically with photography as their only crutch (I hear about it almost daily in my inbox). The photos themselves could be stolen. The lifestyle portrayed is more often fake than not. Never compare.

Aim to have a better life, then document that life.

Second, realize your creative pursuit is 99% about you. It's there to improve your life and your way of looking at the world. Never apologize to anyone, especially yourself, for creating things just because they appeal to you.

You only get one shot at this life. Examine the hell out of it, whether by camera or pencil.

You are an artist. You are what most the world wishes it could be. It's a privilege and an opportunity. Go create.