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CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
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The most creative people in the world invent their way out of problems.

Seth Godin doesn’t believe people like to read in the same ways they used to, so he built new kinds of books: a one-page book, a magazine book and a comically humungous book.

Eddie Van Halen was frustrated that the sound in his head wasn’t available in any guitar gear he could find or afford, so he invented a guitar, hotwired an amp and created a legend. He continues to patent new guitar inventions to this day.

Every Jedi eventually has to craft his or her own lightsaber.

It frustrated me for a long time that this mentality didn’t seem to exist in photography. But I was being short-sighted.

That’s exactly the case behind GoPro, the resurgence of handcrafted pinhole cameras and the projects going on at Photojojo.

New cameras and processes are being invented all the time. There’s nothing stopping any of us from building hardware to solve creative problems. The important thing is whether you have a problem worth inventing over.