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Is AI going to take creators’ jobs?

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

Yes. Over enough time, there’s isn’t anything we do as creators that AI (as it's defined now by tools like GPT from Microsoft) won’t be able to do. AI has all the time and energy in the world to learn and improve. We don’t.

That’s not the problem.

Yes, AI scrapes from what creators before have done. That’s also not the problem. That’s the essence of creativity itself. All human creations are derived from other creations.

The problem isn't even plagiarism. In fact, AI seems to do a better job of avoiding that than Google's search results, and highly-trusted New York Times editors (if you know, you know).

The real problem is the rate of improvement. Humans cannot replicate AI’s rate of improvement. Over a smaller amount of time that we think, the current AI tools out there will surpass our abilities. Then, they will improve even more and even faster.

Will we even understand what comes after?

Creating anything as a human comes back to what you get out of it. The AI itself gets nothing out of it. Its owners do.

But you can get a better understanding of yourself. You can build relationships with others. You can even have fun.

I have a suspicion that (at least in my lifetime) if you keep building your understanding of yourself and enhancing your relationships, no AI will ever be able to take your career even if it does take your job.

Remember, money is a human construct. We value based on scarcity and trust. These are ideas that AI abhors…so far.