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Is Total Automation the Future of Cameras?

Yep. That’s always been the goal. And, it may serve artists particularly well.

Jason Kottke gives his take on some recent articles about how a next generation camera might work:

“You hold the camera in front of something, take a video or photo of that moment, and post it. If you missed it, it’s gone forever. What if these apps worked the other way around: you ‘take’ the photo or video from footage previously (or even constantly) gathered by your phone?”

Just as anyone can microwave a frozen dinner, what we really want (and pay good money for) is a dinner prepared by someone who knows what they’re doing, has a vision and doesn’t take shortcuts.

Automation will always sell better than the prospect of thought. Welcome this with open arms, because there’s no better way to differentiate your work from the masses. 

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