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It’s Time to Get Personal

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

The personal website seems to making a comeback.

Why? When social networks fail, we return to the hub: the place you own, the place where you control the experience.

It's where you're indexed for life, if you're lucky.

It's where you're background checked by employers, neighbors, new friends, and new business partners.

It's where you can share what you learn daily (and let automations spread the message to whatever social media platform hasn't ruined society lately).

It's where you control the narrative (as much as that can be done at all).

It's stable. It's a playground for your creativity. It's your place to be generous with what you learn and kind to those who care enough to learn with you.

It's a place to build relationships with those who care. Those relationships will determine your future projects, experiences, and outlook.

It's not the only place for these things, but it's your place for these things, and that makes all the difference.