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More on Blogging Daily

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

We just read why Seth Godin wants you to blog daily, but he's not the only one preaching the word.

John Saddington, the developer behind Desk, recently wrapped up a year of blogging daily and posted his results:

"I didn’t really have any super-serious goals but I did have a few explicit ones (or rather, I had three core questions that I wanted to have answered):
1. Could I do it for one year?
2. Could I gain traction (e.g. growing number of pageviews, return visits) without using any existing marketing channels?
3. Could it make any money?"

The answer to all 3 was yes.

After going over his analytics, he adds:

"This piece of information and data point should blow your mind and clearly show that anyone can build up an incredible blog property without some large following or subscriber base or marketing strategies or tactics. You can literally start from “Ground Zero” and build something that you can be proud of, that’s getting attention, and that can even make you a few pennies. There’s nothing stopping you!"

I must admit I only had John's old blog in my RSS feed. That changes today.