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Journal for What’s Now

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

I started journaling in 2010 for all the wrong reasons. I did it mostly for legacy — so there'd be some record of my life after I'm gone. That wasn't a good reason.

  1. No one will want to read it.
  2. No one reads anymore (except you).
  3. No one cares.
  4. Legacy is a sales tool. In the grand scheme it's meaningless.
  5. What does that mentality do to improve my life now?

Despite these somewhat obvious reasons not to start journaling when I did, I did anyway. And I haven't missed a day since 2010.


Because it's a form of thinking, problem-solving, and meditation that works out your problems in the most practical way possible. It's like free talk therapy. You think about what's on your mind. You ask questions. You answer some. You plan. You work things out.

It's a non-public blog with no rules.

Never journal for legacy. Journal because it helps you right now. Journal as if the pages (or bits) will be shredded as quickly as you fill them. It's not about word count. It's about problems solved...or discovered.