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Lesser Photographer: Dezene Huber

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

I was first introduced to the wonderful “lesser” photography of Dezene Huber with this first image:

He explained it was made with a sub-$100 Nikon L10 and it dawned on me that no one holding an expensive DSLR would even consider this angle. It was one of those first ah-ha moments when I realized that using a lesser camera could actually open up greater possibilities. As he states:

Because of its limitations, I was never afraid to take risks. I mean, what could go wrong? The shot might not turn out? Well, you don’t know if it will or not until you try, right?

More examples of his abilities with minimal set ups can be found on his flickr stream:

Dezene Huber can be found at:

Perishable Photography

Twitter: @docdez

Flickr: DJ Huber

Blog: Blunderbuss