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Music Press Report Interview

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
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I did an interview a few days ago about the demise of the Music Press Report and plans for the future. It’s now up at Music As Follows. The interviewer’s primary language is Spanish, so a little is lost in the translation. One question was about why I closed it down:

It was out of pure frustration. Music journalism has always been treated as a lower class form of journalism. The amount of pay and respect was lower than any other form of journalism and music journalists played the part. The vast majority now see it as more of a hobby than career - and maybe that’s the way it should be - but the Music Press Report definitely approached it as a vital, important area of journalism. That was not the view of the majority of the readers.

I was also asked if there was a future for the publication:

I would love to do something more in-depth, but there has to be an audience for it and I’m not sure there is anymore. This kind of site takes huge amounts of time and energy, as I’m sure you know. I’d like to know if anyone still cares.

The truth is creating your own editorial site is a lot of fun. There’s a lot of responsibility, but when readers respond to your writing, it’s well worth the effort. I would like to resurrect the Music Press Report someday, but there’s a lot I would change.