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My ADHD Wearable

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

That’s how I refer to my Apple Watch.

I only take it off once a day to charge for about 30 minutes. The rest of the time it keeps me on track with my schedule, reminders, and messages (from VIPs only — minimal interruptions).

It alerts me if my security system detects something odd. It let me know if it’s about to rain. It taps me if I take a wrong turn while walking somewhere unfamiliar.

I dictate new reminders, copy ideas, and workout timers.

All of this removes me from the day-to-day management of systems and devices as much as possible. That’s what slows me down and pulls me into my ADHD spirals.

Don’t make me think. I’m doing. Help me do.

People who oppose the Apple Watch often make the mistake of comparing it to a “real watch.” It may have started life as a watch (thus, the name), but that is the least of what it does today. It’s a WINO (watch in name only).

It’s an assistant. That’s all. Just like Alexa or Google, but everywhere you go. In fact, I’ve given it a British accent and refer to him as Jeeves, because…why not?

I don’t think there’s another piece of hardware that’s done more to support (rather than thwart) my attempts to step away from traditional, distraction-filled tech.