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My Dad Sees in Real Color for the First Time in 74 years

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers

For his 75th year and his first trip overseas (to Ireland), I chipped in with my siblings to get my dad Enchroma glasses to correct for his red-green color blindness.

Youtube is filled with Enchroma videos, in which the wearers of these glasses have incredibly emotional reactions to seeing real color for the first time. Some weep. Some scream. I could watch them all day.

My dad is a stoic, a football coach from the south side of Chicago, so I didn't expect a huge reaction. I just wanted my dad to have the experience, whether or not he reacted outwardly.

Loving photography as much as I do, the gift of vision is one I don't take lightly. This was probably a lot more emotional for me than him.