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My Rules of Publishing (for 2015)

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read
  1. The blog is the most perfect publishing format ever made for reaching the greatest number of people.
  2. It’s never too late to start a high quality blog. There’s very few of them.
  3. Email is even better than blogging for attracting high quality readers and keeping them.
  4. The best email publications have a product or service attached with a point of view that gives them direction.
  5. The death of Google Reader made email a must for any blogger.
  6. Blogging helps determine what to create when you’re not blogging.
  7. Publishing is less about money now and more about creating connections that will help you determine your next gig or idea.
  8. The number of readers is never as important as the quality of readers.
  9. Smart advertisers know about the importance of quality readers. In lieu of smart advertisers, be your own advertiser.
  10. Being your own advertiser is always preferable.
  11. Books are about clarifying your message. They are not about money or reaching new readers.
  12. Write what you know. Better yet, write what you know and explain how you know it. The point of view creates the story.
  13. More posts are better than less. A mix of post types and lengths keep the readers’ interest. Not everyone reads the same, but in general my readers prefer short posts.
  14. Get to the point.
  15. There’s nothing wrong with link blogging. In fact, if you’re being honest, every blog post is a linked post at heart. People respond to honesty.
  16. Keep adding to this list.