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New Book: Microstock: From Passion to Paycheck

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

Professional stock photographer Nicole S. Young has just released one of the more honest assessments of modern stock photography with her ebook, Microstock: From Passion to Paycheck.

The 38-page microbook reads like more realistic version of the countless get-rich-quick photo blogs out there. The truth is, as she states, you must love this kind of photography, before money is even a possibility.

It’s the rare frankness of passages like this, that makes this a worthy read:

If you’re considering getting into this industry then the very first thing you should have is another job, or another source of income that will pay your bills, photography equipment, model fees, computer software … the list goes on and on.


So from start to finish it was a solid 2.5–3 years of growing my microstock business before I was on my own, single, and paying my way through life with photography.

The book could have really used a professional editor (just about every paragraph cried out for a red pen), but for the $5 price, it’s definitely worth your time if you’ve ever been curious about microstock.