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New Order: A Decluttering Handbook for Creative Folks

I still have a weakness for productivity and organization books.

I believe even the time spent reading the book, if it can be used to streamline/automate/delete annoying parts of my work and life, can be justified.

It's rare that I find a productivity book that actually has some new information I can use in my daily life, though. I liked Deep Work for this reason.

New Order is a much lighter book, hand-holding "creative folks" into some basic productivity and organization principles. It was a fun, short, summer afternoon read. I recommend it for those who find typical productivity books too analytical. It's not as much for those of us who obsess over these things.

However, there were a few tips I had not heard before, that I put into immediate use. My favorite: use vertical magazine file boxes as your inbox, not horizontal trays. This way everything is visible and nothing falls into the paper stack void.


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