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Not That Kind of Lesser Photographer

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers

I discovered another use for keeping a small camera on myself at all times. While the local Botanic Gardens yesterday (which seemed to have more DSLRs per capita that any place on Earth), I found myself standing next to a certain actor/director/ghostbuster, who was scolding a little girl (not his own) for kicking pebbles.

Of course, I had my s90 in my coat pocket and snapped a pic on the sly. I shared it with my friends and family on Facebook and it was good for a chuckle. However, I’m not THAT kind of Lesser Photographer, so unless they share it, it won’t be public.

The only point is, once again - always have a camera on you. The new reason: whacky, anti-pebble kicking celebrities.