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Obsessed with the Ordinary

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

Even though I prefer to chase a story, I can't help but admire the photographers who would rather give us new views on the ordinary people, places and things all around us. There's stories in them as well.

This is a different kind of minimalism. It's almost a form of photographic meditation.

A good place to start is Feature Shoot's piece on Stephen Shore:

"The thing about Shore’s photographs is that in their precision and exactness, in the slowness and deliberateness with which they were made, we are permitted not only to go back to one place and one time but to also stay there, to stand still. These might be pictures of non-events, but that doesn’t make them any less cathartic."

Videos celebrating the mundane are a rabbit hole you can spend some time down. People seem to really like this one:

After familiarizing yourself with this brand of photography, you can never claim to be without a subject.

It may be more fun to chase a story. But stories are everywhere. Don't let the chase become a crutch.