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One Pen Addict to Another

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

Brad Dowdy (@dowdyism) was kind enough to include me in the lucky circle of writers to receive some samples from I took my time and put each pen and mechanical pencil through its paces. Real world. From the heat of my car to the classroom to a jangly pocket full of change.

Most did well. One stood out.

I was sold the first time I took the Pilot Hi-Tec out of pocket and scribbled my first hurried note on a hand-held index card. The lightest touch is all that’s needed to write something legible and, on the rare occasion, when I’m writing in ideal circumstances, it remains consistent in its easy flow without clumping, stumbling or scratching.

I’m almost ashamed to say I wasn’t aware of the Hi-Tec. Apparently, it has a huge following. In fact, a kickstarter project started to give it the exceptionally-designed casing it deserves.

It’s easy to see now why this pen is causing a stir among writers and I never would’ve picked one up with Brad’s help. Check out the pen, Brad’s blog and the story of how he landed his dream job.