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Photographers and Phashionistas

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

Here’s to the Phashionistas:

  • to the ones who wear a camera to compliment their scarves and skinny jeans
  • to the ones who agonize over the number of compartments in their bags
  • to the ones who wouldn’t be caught dead with black lenses on their Canons
  • to the ones whose judgment of an image is shaped by who and what made it
  • to the ones who blog when they should be shooting
  • to the ones who lament the loss of their cushy business models
  • to the ones who wish they were born a few decades earlier
  • to the ones who use retro filters
  • to the ones who scoff at hobbyists and amateurs
  • to the ones who talk about creativity, then fully automate their shooting
  • to the “self-taught”

Thank you. You make it so much easier for the artists to stand out.