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Photomediations: An Open Book

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

Photomediations an attempt at a coffee table photo book in digital form. You can view the free book as a website or in part as a PDF. I'll always prefer the physical form of a photography book, but I'm old and stuck in my ways.  It's always good to have these experiments going on to see what sticks with the reader.

A quick skimming reveals there's some like minded folks involved:

While photography used to be something that others – professionals equipped with large machines that allowed them to capture a better image of the world out there, advertisers trying to sell us chunks of that world, photojournalists dispatched to the world’s remote corners that few of us could regularly access – did, we can safely say that, in the age of the camera phone and wireless communication, we are all photographers now.
Yet we are all not just photographers today: we have also become distributors, archivists and curators of the light traces immobilised on photo-sensitive surfaces.