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How to Podcast Daily

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

A collection of Seth Godin quotes I put together on why you should blog daily has started making the rounds again on social media. Great! I love the idea of blogging daily, and admire anyone actually attempting it.

But, what if you did the same with podcasting?

Kevin Kruse and Chris Guillebeau, among many others, host daily podcasts (weekdays in Kevin's case).

I think all the Seth Godin reasons for blogging daily apply to daily podcasting. Maybe even more so, as blogs decrease in readership and podcasts increase in listenership. It's where your audience is going...and they're looking for a deeper connection with you than just words on a screen.

That's the why. But what about the how?

How do you find the time to podcast daily?

I don't know how Chris manages his time, but Kevin is pretty open about how he does it. He wrote about it in Forbes:

"Do you really think Richard Branson and Bill Gates write a long to-do list and prioritize items as A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, C1 and on and on?"
"In my research into time management and productivity, I’ve interviewed over 200 billionaires, Olympians, straight-A students and entrepreneurs. I always ask them to give me their best time management and productivity advice. And none of them have ever mentioned a to-do list."
"Ultra-productive people don’t work from a to-do list, but they do live and work from their calendar."'

It's a lesson I can't share enough. Time management is what you're after, not task management. Time is the common denominator underlying any task or project.

With proper time management (and enough agency over that time) you can create anything you want daily, whether you communicate with readers or listeners...or both.

Update: Kevin Kruse emailed a link to a post explaining step-by-step how he does his daily podcast. Thanks!