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Practical Ways to Post Something Every Day

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
2 min read

I create the equivalent of at least 1 book worth of writing per week.

Most of my work ends up in newsletters, websites, and marketing campaigns for companies you know very well. You won’t see my name, but you’re probably reading my stuff all the time.

On good days, I get to write for you directly. Today is a good day, so I’m sharing some of the most useful, practical ways I’m able to create and publish something every day — while keeping most of my sanity.

These have been tested over 20+ years. They’re solid.

  1. Just sit in silence. The ideas will overwhelm you in seconds. This sounds incredible, but works every time.
  2. Apply constraints. Can’t post an essay? Post a sentence. Can’t post a sentence? Post a photo and a word or two. Keep applying constraints until you can maintain a daily creation habit.
  3. Ask yourself: What did I learn today?
  4. Find a previous post you disagree with and write about why. Find an old post you agree with, but experience has taught you more about.
  5. Take a quote you love, or hate, and write about the why’s. Back up your reasoning with evidence.
  6. Find something interesting in the mundane — something others don’t care or aren’t talking about.
  7. Distill great articles and books into single thoughts, better aligned to your readers.
  8. You probably answer questions from email, IMs, DMs, etc. Post the most common answers. Over time, this will serve as an FAQ, and guidance for the products/services your audience wants from you.
  9. Write about your mistakes. Humiliation has an upside: It’s entertaining. Messages stick with the reader when there’s a good story attached.
  10. Make a link post, then think about what value you could add to the thoughts in the post. This could be as simple as explaining why you saved the link in the first place. Sometimes, it takes me on tangents unrelated to the link. Each tangent is a possible post.
  11. Review anything you buy that your audience might buy. This is not for the affiliate links. The trust you build from honest recommendations is much more lucrative in the long term.
  12. Have you ever sought the advice of professionals in your space? Keep it up. Ask permission to pass along the best. This is more interesting than most full interviews, but if you have the gift of gab, go for the full interviews too.
  13. Post, speak, appear, guest, and generally help others build their audiences. Then, post links to the results. You’d be surprised how many posts and ideas helping others generates (even though you’re not doing it for this reason — it’s just a wonderful byproduct). After one conversation I had with a favorite creator, we both wrote more than five posts from the ideas generated. BONUS: This builds a searchable archive of your career.

Bookmark this page and return. I’d love to add your suggestions to the list and keep it growing.