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"Sources of Personal Competitive Advantage"

Shane Parrish is collecting a list on Twitter of sources of personal competitive advantage. Readers soon joined in and now it’s a long thread that received the following response from business author Kevin Kruse:

“If he doesn’t turn this into a book, I will.”

Here’s what the list started with (I bolded my favorite — I could probably write an entire book just on this one point):

  • Delayed gratification

  • Capital

  • Network (who you know)

  • Unique skills or combinations

  • Platform

  • Ability to suffer

  • Family/home life

  • Speed

  • Ability to change your mind

  • Ability to learn/adapt

  • Ability to persuade others

  • Ability to look stupid

  • Advanced Pattern recognition

  • Focus

  • Ability to say no

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