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Speed Still Matters

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

At today’s An Event Apart Seattle 2018, Aaron Gustafson presented on why website performance is still so important.

From attendee Jake Kronika:

A 1s delay in page load can reduce conversions by 7%. Users are more concerned with speed than reliability.
53% of users abandon sites that take longer than 3s to load.
Hallmarks of UX: streamlined flow, clear/concise copy, low cognitive load, fast performance.

A site called Hooked on Code has more in-depth notes on the talk.

What struck me is how all these years later, designing your website for the user still comes down to the most basic elements: speed, clarity, and ease of use. And just like 20 years ago, it seems like the opposite of what most websites are (or even want to be).

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