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Support Your Local Photographer

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

A few recent posts have me thinking about support among photographers. From Stella Kramer (via A Photo Editor):

“Have you contributed to other photographer’s projects? As much as I can say there is a photography community in New York, I find myself questioning how much of it is self-interest and how much of it is reciprocal.”

And from CentUp (via Swiss Miss and Minimal Mac):

“Pay talented people directly, not by looking at ads.”

I’m a member at several websites and I buy self-published books from others, because I believe in what they do and I want to support them.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a great tradition of doing this at popular photography sites, because most readers are used to the intrusive ads and over-the-top affiliate sales techniques.

Your participation in a photographer’s blog doesn’t have to be monetary, but you’d be surprised just how much participation of any kind can make a real difference.