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The Future of A Lesser Photographer

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

Craft and Vision Publishing has just announced they’re moving to a new business model. They’re having one final sale on 50 books, including A Lesser Photographer.

After Friday, A Lesser Photographer will no longer be sold on their site.

What does this mean for A Lesser Photographer?

All rights to the books they publish will revert to their authors in six months. We will be free to update and sell our books however we want.

My plan is to add several chapters to the book and publish it in print for the first time. I’m looking into designers and printers now.

I’ve been dying to update the book and this opportunity is like an early Christmas gift.

I thank David DuChemin for believing in the book and spreading the message to all his fans. I wish Craft and Vision all the luck whatever new business model they choose. They won’t need it. They’re smart cookies over there.