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The Importance of Giving a Shit

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

This is usually a lesser rule of being a creator, marketer, or human being. It’s almost implied.

I’m bumping its status up a bit now.

I’ve spent the past month driving through the eastern and southern US. Like many travelers, I was throwing money at businesses for lodging and food, hoping for the best and preparing for the passable.

The stand-out business during this time was a small coffee shop in Memphis, Crazy Gander.

It wasn’t because they went above-and-beyond (though they did). It was just that they were the odd business that seemed to care.

So, I made it a regular stop. I even tried their lamb-bourguignon-stuffed croissant (wha? yep!).

I spent a lot of money there over the course of a few days. I bought a t-shirt for my son on the last day. It’s all because they were nice, and they cared. They gave a shit.

Sometimes that’s all it takes, especially after a long trip, full of businesses that didn’t care.

Maybe this rule deserves to be more foundational. Maybe this lack of care in the market is an opportunity for you.

Whatever business you’ve chosen (or chosen to work with), give a shit. You may stand out more than you imagine.