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The Message vs. the Book

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

Being published by a big time publisher does not mean you’ll be read by a lot of people. You could probably reach more people with your message through a blog or podcast. Actually, you could probably reach even more people through someone else’s blog or podcast, or even Youtube channel (which is getting huge, but as a closed, monopolistic system, I urge a bit more caution).

I believe in the gravitas of books. I believe it changes perceptions about an idea and the person behind it. But I don’t believe it spreads a message best.

Neuroscientist Sam Harris (author of 5 New York Times bestsellers) recently stated that it would take him years of marketing his books to equal the same audience he gets every week on his podcast. The reach isn’t even close. But he doesn’t stop making books.

The ability of the book to clarify a topic in the writer, photographer, and reader’s mind is still without parallel.

It’s just not where you go for an audience.

Podcaster Pat Flynn encourages people to get into podcasting no matter how small the listenership:

“If you were to create a podcast and you only have 200 people listening for example — imagine a room full of 200 people, that you’re standing in front of, and they’ve come there to see you and listen you and listen to your message. And this happens every single week. That really puts that 200 people in perspective."

Blogging and podcasting are great at spreading a message. The book is still the best home for the message.