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The Photo Bubble

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

The last fews month or so, I’ve noticed a trend. While hobbyist digital photographers are still droning on about their hobby in terms of specs, instead of results, the public has largely ignored this talk. A new bubble is forming.

In the past, similar bubbles have housed arguments over computers, stereos, TVs and cars. Those in the bubble have no respect for results, just specs. They have their own podcasts, conventions, books and websites to reinforce their views. Now there’s a photo bubble.

Bubbles are usually reserved for complex products that most regular people own, and, now, more and more regular people are carrying powerful cameras (their phones) in their pockets wherever they go. The thing I’ve noticed is that they’re doing so without regard to the specs. They want a good picture (a result). That’s it. They exist comfortably outside the bubble, almost unaware the bubble exists.

Of course, Apple excels at meeting this kind of demand. While Android phones went for the specs (roundly praised within the bubble), the new iPhone concentrated on making better results. Most hobbyists will never understand this. It’s in their nature to lust after the specs.

Learn to live outside of bubbles.