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The Ultimate Accessory

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

By far, the most valuable tool a minimal photographer owns (besides the camera) is this modern marvel:

It’s also the greatest advantage a lesser photographer has over the DSLR-laiden masses.

I was reminded of this recently with a trek through a rain forest. I knew the conditions would be unforgiving and I didn’t have the backing of National Geographic to protect my gear.

Luckily, my gear was a damn good compact camera and zip lock bag. I wrapped it up, stuck it in my pocket and headed out.

Good thing too, because by the end of the end of the hike, I had taken a few spills marching up steep inclines on slippery tree roots and mossy rocks. I was covered in mud, but my camera still looked as it did on day one. I couldn’t say the same for my shoes.

There were a few decent shots from that trip, but the lesson I learned was to be mindful of what I was doing - to enjoy the hike when hiking. The camera will be there when needed, but it shouldn’t be the focus. And it certainly shouldn’t occupy your mind with worry when you should be having fun.