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Things are Getter Better All the Time

CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
1 min read

Outrage needs to be manufactured. Life is good and getter better all the time.

  1. Why can’t we see that we’re living in a golden age? by Johan Norbert for The Spectator
  2. The world is getting better all the time, in 11 maps and charts
    by Zack Beauchamp
  3. What A Time to Be Alive by Morgan Housel
  4. Best story of the 21st century: Who lives in Extreme Poverty from Ian Bremmer
  5. World Bank: Extreme poverty 'to fall below 10%' from the BBC
  6. In 20 years (1991-2011), most developed countries in the world gained 4-5 years in life expectancy from Our World in Data
  7. The End of Doom: Why The Future Looks Pretty Damn Great by Ron Bailey
  8. The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t by Steven Johnson in The New York Times
  9. "Two things are almost always true: 1) The world keeps getting better and 2) The people always think it's getting worse." - Penn Jillette
  10. The middle class just got a raise from Justin Wolfers and the US Census Bureau

More to come...