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CJ Chilvers
CJ Chilvers
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The Best Thing You Can Do When Launching an Idea
“Constraints are a control mechanism buffering against the nature of how ideas work. Ideas like to go on forever, like the party guest who has endless stories to share with you, standing between you and the appetizers.” Absolutely. This was not written with photographers in mind, but applies perfectly.

The Most Photographed Generation Will Have No Pictures in 10 Years
“I guess it wasn’t that important then. Digital was cheap. Cameras were everywhere. It just didn’t seem that important.” Mike Yost tackles a topic we have in the past. He says printing is crucial. I would add that printing books of your photos is crucial as well (not to mention easy and inexpensive). (via Craft & Vision)

Stop Thinking, Start Feeling
“There is no right and wrong way to photograph. There is only your way to shoot and the other ways.”

What is the Role of the Digital-Age Arts Critic?
“Anxiety about arts journalism and its struggle to adapt to the digital world hasn’t abated. The inherent subjectiveness of music, film, and literature encourages anyone with a blog or Twitter handle to play critic, drowning out once-authoritative voices.” Gatekeepers gonna gatekeep. Or at least convince themselves there’s still a way. (via Andy Adams)

How to Spot and Combat Anti-Free Speech Tropes
As a writer and photographer, I believe free speech is at the core of art and progress in civilization. It’s shocking how anti-free speech “free” societies have become. Writer Ken White compiled a list of lies we’re told in the U.S. about free speech and how to combat them.

David DuChemin Offers Mentoring Service
What a great idea. As a hardened amateur, I’m free to reject anyone’s critiques. But, if I wanted to get a photo business going or learn something specific from someone who’s been there (saving countless hours online and in a library), this is the way I’d do it. The summer sessions are sold out, but he may offer more in the near future.

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